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A Snowflake in My Hand

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“My alarm clock failed to ring, but by skipping morning coffee I manages to be only fifteen minutes late. As the elevator crawled to the eighth floor of the Animal Medical Center I hoped that perhaps Clancy too had overslept. It was 7:20. The elevator door opened and I stepped into the hall to find him waiting.

“I know I’m late, Clancy, but it happens occasionally.” He looked angry. “If you would just wait until I come get you, you wouldn’t have to pace in the corridor.”

I unlocked the office door, and he brushed past me as he entered. I opened the drawer immediately, knowing there would be no peace until he got what he wanted. Clancy was not a finicky eater and promptly concentrated on his breakfast.

He was a square-jawed, tiger-suited cat, seven years old. Short-legged and sturdy, he looked like a prize fighter who retired from the ring.

When I was on time, I would find him in his cage in the ward if the wardman had remembered to close the cage door securely. The door had to be lifted slightly for the lock to click. As soon as I opened the cage Clancy would meow, hug me, and then crawl over my shoulder and jump to the floor. Before I did the morning treatments, I would open the ward door so that he could run to the office where the food was waiting. But if I was even five minutes late, he would meet me at the elevator, as he had today, and reprimand me. I never knew how he got out the ward door.”

A Snowflake in My Hand Book


A Snowflake in My Hand by Samantha Mooney is a story about the wonders and marvelous outcomes of the bond created between people and animals. This is a fictional piece of work, but we know that you all have stories of an unexpected bond with an animal or animals that changed your life. Please share with us!

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