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HSH Local



Windsor, Bloomfield

“I  want to take a selfie with your pet – which would make it a dualie.”

Hillary joined the HSH team in July of 2014. Such a passionate animal lover she is, she quickly left her job in corporate America to practice something more fulfilling. It seems she found it at HSH! Only 1 year later, Hillary is the regional manager for our flagship territory, HSH Local. The team jokes that if Jill is our resident “crazy dog lady”, then Hillary is definitely the resident “crazy cat lady”.  She has her two feline siblings, Rudy & Dexter, clicker trained to fetch among other things and dresses them up regularly in bow ties, overalls, and speedos.

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HSH East


Jenn D.

South Windsor, Manchester, Glastonbury

“They call me ‘The Machine’.”

Jenn was recruited to the HSH Team at the beginning of 2010. She has been a stalwart in her progression through the ranks to becoming HSH’s most tenured and experienced employee. What began as a few dog walks on Tuesdays and Fridays has led to her position as Regional Manager for HSH East and Lead Staff Trainer for the company.  When Jenn is not at work she keeps herself busy by keeping son Colby and dog Izzy from sharing each other’s food.

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HSH North & HSH West


Bethany W.

Simsbury, East Granby, Avon, Canton

“There’s always money in the banana stand.”

Bethany is a 2011 college graduate with a degree in Equine Business Management. During her breaks from college, she worked at a local kennel. She gained valuable experience in dealing with a variety of personalities, both dog and cat, during her time there. She also has experience working with a variety of farm animals, and worked at a local canine and equine rehabilitation farm throughout her high school years. She regularly visits her family dog (Ripley) and cats (Ella and Mr. Bell) at her mom’s house, and she has a former street cat, Ninja, and adopted cat from Our Companions, Angel, to keep her busy at home.

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HSH South


Aileen - (Team Leader)

West Hartford

“Ja ja ja!”

Aileen L-to-the-O joined HSH early in 2015 after a 2 year tenure with the CT Humane Society in Newington. Not only did Aileen bring with her compassion for all living things, but a swell of professional certifications and expertise. In just under 1 year Aileen confirmed what the management team had hypothesized during her recruitment  – that she would quickly master the demands and idiosyncrasies of the job and with her experience in various fields, assert herself as a prime candidate to join the management team.

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Social Media Director


Alex R.

Social Media Director

“Not unlike the cheetah, a pet photographer must lie silently in wait until the perfect moment.”

Alex graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor’s in Science for Professional Writing. During her senior year, she interned at Blooming Twig Books, an online publishing company where she played a major role in running the company’s social media, along with other interns. Alex is happy to combine her skills of social media & writing with her passion for animals. In addition to writing our blog, she also runs two of her own, and fills her Instagram with pictures of her rescue cat, Tiny.

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