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new years lil pupHappy New Year everyone!! We hope you all have fun plans to welcome the new year. We want to wish that 2017 will be a great year! To keep your animals safe, please be careful of the noise level. If you plan to dress up your pet, take your pictures quick and then remove the props. We understand that each animal has a different amount of tolerance, but we want you and your pet(s) to have this be a safe & happy welcome to the new year.

pug new yearIn addition to being safe, we all know about the list of resolutions we make at the beginning of every year. Here are some fun resolutions that you can include your precious pet(s):

  • Eat better! Check with your vet to see if there are healthier alternatives or any vitamins that your pet might need more of to live a long and happy life.
  • More exercise! We understand that major holidays just passed, and most of them include lots of eating. Maybe try a new walking path, or joining a dog hiking group to socialize.
  • Be more Eco-Friendly! We can all cut down on our plastic waste by choosing biodegradable poop bags and/or being more conscious of what kinds of toys we give our pets to play with.





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