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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is a day which many look forward to. It’s a day when we can share endless love and pamper those we care about. Whether we spend the day with family, friends, significant others, or our fur family, all that matters is making the most of the special day and reminding those we love how important they are.

Here are a few fun ideas if you’d like to make your pets feel extra special this holiday:

  • Photoshoot! It’s always fun to get all glammed up and taking pictures together. Pamper yourself and your pet and smile for the camera!
  • Make them some tasty treats! With all that chocolate as a tempting snack for us humans, we bet your pet is licking their lips in jealousy. Keeping in mind any allergies our pet may have, there are lots of pet-friendly treats that are easy to make.
  • Gift giving! Christmas isn’t the only holiday to give gifts, so stop by your local pet shop, and let your pet pick out a new toy to play with
  • Play Dates! Take the idea of a date to a whole different level. A trip to the park or a friend’s house, where everyone can hang out and share the love & joy this holiday
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