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Pricing - HSHPetCare
  • 860-697-6389


Daily Dog Walks


Day Breaks


Puppy Power Program


Cat Care Visits


A La Carte Walks & Visits




Other Fees & Assessments

About Late Requests

Any Pet Care or A La Carte services must be requested AT LEAST 6 days in advance or will be subject to a $4 rerouting fee per session.

Late Request


About A Third Dog

A third well behaved dog on any dog walk will incur a $5 fee per walk. Subject to behavioral assessment.

Third Dog


About Snow Removal

Snow removal is the responsibility of the client between November 1 – March 30. Residences that prove unsafe or inaccessible to HSH staff may be recycled and returned to at a later time. Services may not be delivered if driveways are not passable while a parking ban is implemented.

About Walkthroughs

No charge for introductory walkthroughs. $20 fee if additional walkthrough requested by client.



About HSH Holidays

Services provided on the following holidays will be calculated at TIME-and-a-HALF.

Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Policies & Procedures

To ensure continued availability and the safety, privacy, and security of your pet and home, as well as to satisfy the liability risks that HSH undertakes in providing an IN-HOME service, we encourage you to read and understand the provisions below.


Daily Dog Walks

Cancelled by 8PM the night before – No Charge

Cancelled after 8PM but before 8AM the DAY OF service – 50% Charge.

Cancelled after 8AM the DAY OF service – Full Charge.

A La Carte Services

Cancelled more than 48hrs prior to service start date – No Charge

Cancelled less than 48hrs from the service START date  – Full Charge for any service that falls within the 48hrs.

Inclement Weather

HSH guarantees availability of Recurring Dog Walk services, (referred to in our service menu as “Daily Dog Walks”, “Puppy Power Package” & “Day Breaks”) to clients with the exception of inclement weather. HSH will notify its dog walk clients of cancellations should HSH identify weather conditions to be too dangerous for staff and dog. No payment is ever expected when HSH is forced to cancel a walk.

Often HSH will not cancel walks but ask clients to voluntarily cancel at no charge if they are home.

ONLY Daily Dog Walks have the potential of being cancelled by HSH due to severe weather, because clients are able and likely to be home. Pet Care while clients travel will not be outright cancelled by HSH though we may be limited by untenable driving conditions. We do require that an emergency contact (neighbor) who may assist with care be left with the territory manager should conditions prove impassable.


HSH - to - Client

HSH Pet Care will communicate any weather related cancellation of the Daily Dog Walk Service via email as well as the cancellation announcement service on Channel 3 WFSB.

Client - to - HSH

Clients are urged to schedule and cancel their respective services via the following methods:
1. By logging into the client account portal on the HSH website
2. By sending an email to the client’s respective territory inbox if the client portal cannot be accessed.
Requests for service/cancellation should not be submitted over the phone and cannot be guaranteed as processed if they are.

Clients may reach general HSH support by:





Payments for HSH are only accepted via debit or credit card held on file with the main office. We do not accept checks or cash for payment.

We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

Cash tips for staff are accepted.


Payment for Daily Dog Walks are invoiced at the end of each week, on Friday at 6PM. Payment is captured on Sunday.

-Payment for A La Carte/vacation type services are invoiced at the end of each week, on Friday at 6PM. (This will include all completed services extending from Monday – Friday AND any requested services extending extending from Friday after 6PM through Saturday and Sunday @ 9PM. If your requested sessions continue into the following week, thouse will be invoiced the following Friday in the same manner.)

See “Cancellation” section for policy on credits and returns.


Coverage Minimums

For the safety and comfort of the dog in care, HSH must perform at least 3 A La Carte style visits per FULL day when clients travel. Bookend dates can be customized.

For the safety and comfort of the cat in care, HSH must perform at least one Cat Care Visit per day when clients travel.

Coverage Extensions

HSH clients who are traveling must email their respective territory managers or call the HSH emergency hotline to inform HSH and its staff of any delays and requests for extended service. CLIENTS SHOULD NEVER REQUEST SERVICE THROUGH STAFF. ONLY HSH ADMINISTRATORS SCHEDULE AND ASSIGN COVERAGE.


HSH Pet Care will not use retractable leashes while walking client dogs.

HSH Pet Care reserves the right not to use any equipment it deems unsafe and will as a result either decline service or offer to use alternative equipment approved by an HSH field manager

Third Parties

HSH cannot allow any third party to enter a client home, unless the client has authorized third party entry in advance. Furthermore, this will only apply to work UNRELATED to the nature of pet care. For liability reasons, HSH can be the ONLY party charged with care of a pet client during during and extended series of care sessions.



Clients should discuss rates, payments, and other related administrative matters during their over-the-phone consultation with HSH Welcome Team. Follow-up questions in this arena should always be addressed to HSH by phone or email or online support.

Only the initial sitter walk-through is free.

All subsequent walk-through will be charged @ $20 per instance, per 15 minutes UNLESS it is required by HSH.