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Summer Time!

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School’s out and summer is finally here! The sun is shining bright, and the family wants to bring their canine companion(s) with them on adventures. You remind yourself to wear sunglasses,dog sunglasses window hats, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the elements. Summer brings fun times doing water sports, and swimming in the lake. Not only should you be mindful of how to keep yourself protected and safe, but also keep your family pet(s) safe as well.

Winter isn’t the only time for dogs to wear those booties we all love to giggle at when the dog walks funny in them. Summer brings the heat, and thus the asphalt becomes hot to the touch. You know when sometimes the driveway is too hot to walk on with bare feet? Your dog’s paws are just as sensitive. Hot Asphalt awareness

If you like to go hiking or running, booties for your dog will be great protection for them, just like your hiking boots or your sneakers.

Another awesome thing about summer is swimming! The pools are all open, the ocean at the beaches, and the lakes…

They are all calling to you to have fun! Of course you want to include your canine companion in all the fun, but we want you to remember to keep them safe. How? Lifejackets of course! You have to wear one, and so should your dog.

With the summer heat, it’s easy to become dehydrated so when you bring a water bottle for you, don’t forget to bring one for your canine companion and a travel water bowl. You want to be mindful of them over heating, so keeping them in the shade is a great way for them to enjoy the outdoors with you.

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