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Book Suggestions, Pet Stories

“Seattle’s Second Chance Shelter smelled of damp fur and dog breath. Frantic barks and whines pierced the air and assaulted Anna’s ears. She shrank back from the desperation that hung in the air like mist. All the sad eyes begging for a home. The furry foreheads rumpled with anxiety. Anna’s tender heart slid to her feet.

‘We shouldn’t have come here,’ she shouted to her boyfriend, Jeff.

‘You wanted to check out the dogs,’ he said.

Anna was clutching the Second Chance flyer she’d found that morning on Jeff’s windshield. Coming here had seemed the best way to goad themselves into action after weeks of talk about adopting a dog. But now, engulfed by the dogs’ distress, Anna wasn’t so sure.

‘We could have looked for a dog on Petfinder,’ she said. In their rented condo, they could have studied photos on the computer screen.

‘You can tell a lot more of you see a dog in person,’ Jeff said.

‘Yes, but I want to take all these dogs home.’

‘We can only afford to care for one.’”

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Happy Father’s Day

Community, Holidays

Dear Dad,

Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. Thanks for rushing to my side when I called out for you, and holding me when I cried. Thank you for taking me to all my doctor/vet visits so that I stayed healthy. Thanks for teaching me important lessons, and helping me grow.

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A Snowflake in My Hand

Book Suggestions, Community

“My alarm clock failed to ring, but by skipping morning coffee I manages to be only fifteen minutes late. As the elevator crawled to the eighth floor of the Animal Medical Center I hoped that perhaps Clancy too had overslept. It was 7:20. The elevator door opened and I stepped into the hall to find him waiting.

“I know I’m late, Clancy, but it happens occasionally.” He looked angry. “If you would just wait until I come get you, you wouldn’t have to pace in the corridor.”

I unlocked the office door, and he brushed past me as he entered. I opened the drawer immediately, knowing there would be no peace until he got what he wanted. Clancy was not a finicky eater and promptly concentrated on his breakfast.

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Surviving Henry

Book Suggestions, Pet Articles, Pet Stories

“Our dog has special needs, the greatest being the need for a lobotomy. After that, he could use a good dose of Prozac. Add some Ritalin and he’d approach the vague semblance of a well-adjusted canine. Feels almost doable.

Except for his tail of freakish accidents and half-baked suicide attempts.

Sometimes I think Henry—that’s the dog—had ended up in a different family, we’d all be better off. Some combinations just don’t mix. Take Mentos candy and diet cola. Put them together, and you get a carbonated geyser blowing your bottle cap.

Pets are supposed to be fun. A pleasant enrichment of your life. Dogs especially. Loving, loyal, sleeping by your feet.

Henry is the anti-dog.

I don’t believe in divine misprints. But life with Henry makes me wonder.”

Surviving Henry: Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe by Erin Taylor Young is a story that will have you laughing constantly. This amazingly touching story about all the mishaps, accidents, and disasters that come from one boxer named Henry. Through the ups and downs, Henry helps his family see what is truly important in life, thus bringing the ultimate happiness of having a canine companion in a family.

We have included a video by the author because we know you’ll want to see the legendary Henry that inspired the book.

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Happy Easter!!

Community, Holidays, Pet Safety

We want to wish you all a Happy Easter!



Please be mindful of bringing your pets along for any of the Easter Egg Hunts. If you do, keep them on a leash and watch out that they don’t eat anything. Anything hiding in those Easter eggs could be harmful to your pets. Bodhi and Elvis were happy to pose for camera to celebrate Easter.



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Community, Holidays, Pet Safety

“Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!” (pronounced as lah leh PAH-drig SUN-uh gwitch), which means “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!” in Gaelic. We hope you all will have a wonderful day today, and we understand that you want to share this special & fun holiday with your beloved pets. Here are some tips on how to maximize your fun with your canine or feline during this holiday, while also keeping them safe:

  • If you want to dress up your pet:
    • put on the costume
    • take your picture(s)
    • take the costume off
    • This way you get the picture you want, and your pet doesn’t have to stay in an uncomfortable costume all day
  • If you want to “paint” your pet:
    • your pet may have allergies that may not allow them to put something on their hair/fur/skin
    • There is spray paint for dogs called, PetPaint
    • There are also homemade recipes that your vet may suggest
  • If you plan to attend a parade or party:
    • the noise and crowds of parades and parties give unneeded anxiety to your pets
    • your pets will happily welcome you home as you tell them all about the fun you had
  • If you want to share a pint with your pup:

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The Cat on My Lap

Book Suggestions, Community, Pet Stories

“Can you imagine your life without a cat? Not if you’re reading this book. Now and then you will find a book that’s difficult to put down. And this is one of them. The stories cover a wide spectrum. Memories of your own cat history will surely be activated. At times you will find yourself smiling or even laughing as you connect with a story. You’ll remember the sounds of a purr or a hiss or a quiet meow. You’ll remember long-lost images of your cat climbing up the drapes or hiding in the shower or stealing that piece of fish from the counter. You might even remember the panic you felt when you couldn’t find your cat for a few hours, or even several days. And you might remember the feel of that dead mouse under your foot, which was really a gift from your proud hunter.

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