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new years lil pupHappy New Year everyone!! We hope you all have fun plans to welcome the new year. We want to wish that 2017 will be a great year! To keep your animals safe, please be careful of the noise level. If you plan to dress up your pet, take your pictures quick and then remove the props. We understand that each animal has a different amount of tolerance, but we want you and your pet(s) to have this be a safe & happy welcome to the new year.

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Back to School

Community, Events, Pet Safety

The children are trying to finish their summer reading lists, and parents are rushing around to get any last minute school supplies needed for the new school year. It’s an exciting time, and we want everyone to stay safe. School buses are very scary to your pup, so we ask that you either have the children say their good-bye in the houseĀ or to keep your pup on a leash with a good distance away from the bus. Stay safe everyone!


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July 4th!!

Community, Holidays, Pet Safety

We all know everyone enjoys a good celebration and the holidays, and we know you want to include your animal companions in the festivities. July 4th is a pretty big holiday with lots of activities going on, mostly barbecues and fireworks. Here are some safety tips so you can include your pets in a way that keeps them safe and happy:




















  • Keep your pets away from food and alcohol
  • If you want to take those cute/funny photos of your pet(s) wearing festive costumes or headpieces: put it on them, take a bunch of photos, then take it off
    • Pets generally do not like wearing said costumes or headgear for long periods of time, so limit how long they wear it
  • Keep your pets indoors, in a quiet room or with some soft music playing so that the loud noises of the fireworks are less likely to scare them
  • Have treats and/or toys in the room with your pet to keep them occupied
  • Make sure that the room your pet is staying in is “Escape Proof”
    • secure all windows, pull down shades, make sure doors are locked/closed tight
  • Talk with your vet about possible options to keep your pet calm
    • Some options may be a ThunderShirt or consult with your vet if considering a mild sedative
  • If your pet is going to be outside with you during day activities, make sure to have a water bowl accessible for your pet to stay hydrated.
  • To help your pet be less anxious about you leaving them at home, exercise them beforehand so they are more likely to be calmer and fall asleep during night festivities
  • Make sure your animals have up-to-date tags that are secured to a collar or microchipped, in case they become loose due to being frightened by the holiday festivities

*We do NOT claim ownership to images used in this post*

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Happy Easter!!

Community, Holidays, Pet Safety

We want to wish you all a Happy Easter!



Please be mindful of bringing your pets along for any of the Easter Egg Hunts. If you do, keep them on a leash and watch out that they don’t eat anything. Anything hiding in those Easter eggs could be harmful to your pets. Bodhi and Elvis were happy to pose for camera to celebrate Easter.



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