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The Cat on My Lap

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“Can you imagine your life without a cat? Not if you’re reading this book. Now and then you will find a book that’s difficult to put down. And this is one of them. The stories cover a wide spectrum. Memories of your own cat history will surely be activated. At times you will find yourself smiling or even laughing as you connect with a story. You’ll remember the sounds of a purr or a hiss or a quiet meow. You’ll remember long-lost images of your cat climbing up the drapes or hiding in the shower or stealing that piece of fish from the counter. You might even remember the panic you felt when you couldn’t find your cat for a few hours, or even several days. And you might remember the feel of that dead mouse under your foot, which was really a gift from your proud hunter.

This book is both inspirational as well as informative. The various contributors create pictures in your mind so you feel as though you are right there. You might plan to read ‘just one story,’ but you’ll have difficulty stopping. This is the kind of book that won’t stay on your shelf, but you’ll want to say to other cat lovers, ‘Here—you will really enjoy these stories . . . but I want my book back when you’re through.'” (Foreword by H. Norman Wright)

          The Cat on My Lap Book Image The Cat on My Lap: Stories of Cats We Love [Edited] by Callie Smith Grant is a book filled with stories of how animals have changed our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. All are true stories, and we know that those are the best kind. You can’t beat real life. In addition to reading these stories, we bet you have a bunch of your own stories. Share with us! We would love to hear from you :)

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