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Thank you for your interest in joining the Home Sweet Home Pet Care Team! We are always looking for mature, dedicated, and trustworthy people to join our team of professionals. The services we offer provide a wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of animals on a daily basis. We hope the relationship you build with each HSH pet client will make a lifelong impression on both you and the pet!

Warm regards,

Your Team Leaders @ Home Sweet Home Pet Care, LLC

What it is

We are a house call pet service company that represents over 600 families in the Greater Hartford/Farmington Valley region. We operate 7 days/week, 365 days/year. We offer to our clients, daily dog walks, house calls for feeding, medicating, and puppy raising.

We offer to our staff:

  • Part time positions
  • Competitive Wages between $11-$14/hr
  • Bonus Incentives
  • Holiday Pay (time-and-a-half)
  • Training and Continual Education in General Pet Health and Behavior categories
  • Employee benefit contributions to SS, FICA, MEDI, and cover all employees under our insurance and worker’s comp policies.

This section is dedicated to providing you more information on our available positions.

This is a service delivery company. Commitment to your announced availability is expected and required for this position.

Each of our team members must be willing to travel between multiple destinations within their assigned service area or town(s).

Depending on the position applied for, applicants should understand that HSH Pet Care delivers morning, mid-day, afternoons, evenings and late-night services

     Daily Dog Walks are routine walks for the same clients at the same times each weekday. Our service requires someone that can work consistently throughout the middle of the day, every M-F. Daily Dog Walks can occur between 10AM and 3PM. As a Daily Dog Walker you must also be available to work ONE WEEKEND a month as well as rotating holidays and during busy swells such as Spring Break and the Summer Vacation Season. These are extremely busy times that may require all hands be on deck.

     Pet Care Visits are vacation care visits for the clients who are away from home. They can occur up to seven days a week, and are needed mostly between the hours of 6AM-9AM, 10AM-2PM, 4PM-6PM, and 8PM-10PM. As a Pet Sitter you would share these responsibilities with another team member unless you personally requested more hours. Pet Sitters must also be available to work on holidays and during busy swells such as Spring Break and the Summer Vacation Season. These are extremely busy times that may require all hands on deck.

We require these personal qualifications for our positions:

  • Must be comfortable attending new client walkthroughs which are essential to our service so that you may learn the pet(s) routine, placement of equipment, and expectations of the client. Staff must appear presentable to clients during these interviews. The HSH dress code can be found in the employee manual. Staff must also be comfortable referring to client notes and instruction throughout the relationship of the client and HSH Pet Care
  • Must respect client confidentiality. A confidentiality agreement will be required upon hiring. Friends, family, and/or children cannot be present at visits.
  • Must be prepared to work for the company for at least ONE YEAR. Due to the bonding that occurs between a walker/sitter, dog, and client family, we require at least this much commitment under the terms of availability set forth upon hiring. Availability may increase but must remain AT LEAST at the level of availability they agreed to upon hiring. A 2 week trial period will be offered prior to this commitment.
  • Will typically be scheduled for 30 minutes at each job. Occasionally staff will be assigned to special requests for 15min, 45min, and 1hr visits.
  • Must be willing to take on unusual assignments. We care for many species of animal!
  • Will need to provide service in inclement weather. Staff must have appropriate rain/snow gear and feel comfortable driving/walking in the rain/snow.
  • Must also attend continuing education workshops organized and sponsored by Home Sweet Home Pet Care management. These are paid courses and paid time to the staff.
  • Will need to demonstrate that they have achieved full comprehension of the employee manual, and most importantly, HSH emergency protocol.
  • Will be an adult with work experience.
  • Will be punctual, organized, and fluent in English, with the ability to follow detailed instructions.
  • Will be comfortable in social situations, with the ability to relate to others in a genuine and friendly manner.
  • Will be on web cam from time to time. We are on the client’s private property and this is their right.
  • Should have an ability to make adjustments on the go. There are many working parts to a service like this and last-minute/emergency changes happen all the time.
  • Must own a reliable, insured vehicle with an understanding that you may spend significant time driving.
  • Must provide your own iPhone/Droid smart phone and be prepared to use it in an unlimited data capacity for the job. You must have a mobile phone car charger.
  • Have a computer with internet access and a printer.
  • Have both respectable personal and professional references.
  • Have a clean driving record and can pass a formal background check including drug test.
  • Should live within our service area, though this is not a requirement.
  • Either are currently pet/CPR certified or are willing to become pet/CPR certified (paid for by HSH Pet Care).
  • Are willing to learn more about person to person relationships, handling animals, and are able to withstand constructive criticism.
  • Are willing to provide 2-4 week notice of resignation so that we may find a suitable replacement.

Some Common Tasks:

  • Feed and water pets at scheduled times, occasionally before or after walks.
  • Clean litter boxes at least once a day at households with cats
  • Clean up any accidents (potty, hairball, vomit)
  • Walk, run, play with dogs in public pathways, parks, or private yards
  • Pick up after dogs including feces, urine accidents found in the house, and clean/wipe/towel off wet dogs, muddy feet, etc
  • Check for ticks
  • Mandatory pet transport to veterinarian if an emergency
  • Roll in trash barrels and recycling containers
  • Report any and all strange occurrences, oddities, or behaviors whether with the pet or the household

If the above is something that interests you, please fill out an application for one of the territories you’d like to work in below. We will review it and contact you accordingly. Thank you, and we hope to see you at our next HSH Pet Care Team Meeting!

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